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South Coast of Texas

Barry Finn and Neil Downey, perform 'The South Coast of Texas' by singer/songwriter Guy Clark.
Recorded live in 2008 at the South Street Seaport Museum.

The south coast of Texas that's a thin slice of life
It's salty and hard it's as stern as a knife
Where the winds are for blowin' up hurricanes for showin'
Snakes how to swim and the trees how to lean

And the shrimpers and their ladies are out in the beer joints
Drinkin' 'em down for they sail with the dawn
They're bound for the Mexican bay of Campeche
And the deck hands are singin' adios jolie blon

There's snowirds in search of that sunshine and nightlife
Fond of greasin' palms down the beach as they're goin'
Ah this livin' on the edge of the waters of the world
Demands the dignity of whoopin' cranes and the likes of Gilbert Roland


In the cars of my youth how I tore up through those sand dunes
And cut up my tires on them oyster shell roads
But nothin' lives for ever say the old in the shipyards
Turnin' trees into shrimp boats, hell I guess they oughta know